Morning routine to score 700+ in GMAT

We all have different desires and goals to achieve. Now goals and desires of each individual are different. Each step that takes us closer to a goal gives satisfaction and happiness. Each step that takes us away from a goal gives dissatisfaction and stress. For students preparing for GMAT, major goal is to score 700+ in GMAT. It is easy to score 700+ in GMAT because GMAT tests a student on limited concepts and patterns. Mastery over those concepts and patterns is the key to high score. We can say that getting a high score in GMAT is a science not an art. In science if we follow some standard rules we get same results every time. Similarly in GMAT, if we follow some standard rules we can get consistent results.

700+ score in GMAT require disciplined effort. Discipline is nothing but to follow simple steps every day at same time consistently for an extended period of time. Before you start GMAT preparation, schedule your days in such a way that you can give 2 hours every day to GMAT preparation. For working professionals, it is difficult to take out time in the evening. The only time when nothing disturbs us is the morning.

Give first 2 hours of your day to GMAT preparations. Always decide a night before what you want to study in these two hours. Things that get scheduled are the things that get completed. Follow this schedule every day without any breaks. This schedule followed over 3 months can easily take you to your desired score.

In case you face problem in following this disciplined schedule, I will recommend you to hire a GMAT trainer. A trainer can give you a system which can make your preparation journey easier. At GMAT mantra, we work with one student at a time. If you are looking for systematic approach that can take you to 700+ score, book a demo session at