A How-To Guide on GMAT Preparation

The youth has ultimate career plans and given the fact, there is an increase in number of MBA applications. This consequently calls for investing time, setting up a plan, and having reflection of self. Amongst the various steps for getting an entry into the B-school, the first one is to prepare for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). This test for entrance to the business school is indefinitely tough and need a tough preparation to get through. Here are some tips that will give an idea about how and what kind of formulation is required for the potential output.

  • A Flexible Mind is the Key

GMAT means you have to prepare yourself for answering the most unusual questions, quickly. There is a different twist attached to every question, be it in terms of the difficulty, the tools to be used, or the length. And to get through, one needs to take only few seconds to solve a question. Actually, it presents the aspirers with set of questions that can be solved in different ways.

  • You Need Some Speed

The GMAT tests an individual’s potential to get solution to problems that are quite unfamiliar but needs quick answer. Getting through this exam is more like playing the video game where you act like a gunman and have no idea as from where the next shoot will come and how the next enemy will attack. All you need is speed to have a win-win situation. Choose the right weapon and aim the target precisely. To prepare, solve as many questions as you can. This will give you mental flexibility because GMAT is all about getting the right answers, fast.

  • A Novel Approach is Important

If you are working towards a flexible mind, make a list of tools that can be used. Not just the rules, formulas, or the vocabulary, but learn when to apply those formulas and learn the logics to break down the complexity of the problem. The next step is to figure out as which tool will work out to solve the question. For example: There are ten tools to solve particular kind of query but which one will give the answer in less time. Work up on the tricks and choose the right way to get through.


Most of the students require a healthy preparation of 3-6 months for achieving the expected results in the exam. It is always a good idea to have a target score (which should always be 20+ above the average score that the B-school of your choice requires). Also, take a diagnostic test for examining your strengths and weakness and understand what sections require improvements to be done. Last, but not the least, join a program that can prepare you for GMAT. Either go for the tutors within your vicinity or join online programs, as per your convenience and learning ability.


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