Common Misconceptions about GMAT Prep

  1. In-depth knowledge of Math and English is required to get a good score

Students are known to acquire information from all available resources. They hope that each information will make them better instead they end up with information overload.. To succeed in GMAT test, a student has to take quick decisions because of time constraints. A cluttered mind does not help. The mantra is to work with optimum information.

  1. Practice makes you perfect

Practice alone is not sufficient. Every practice session should improve your performance. Therefore, an in depth analysis of your performance is very important. Analyse to pick the problem areas, work on the problem areas before the next practice session.

  1. Knowing the right answer is sufficient

In a time bound test that GMAT is, elimination based approach is more effective. It gives an edge to your performance and is known to improve your GMAT score remarkably. So, instead of seeking the correct option, eliminate the wrong to arrive at the right.

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