How can I improve my performance on the GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions?

The main problem that I have observed in my students regarding CR is the language. The language used to form sentences in CR and RC is a bit difficult. Without understanding the passage, one cannot find answer to the question.
To understand the meaning of the sentence, I advise my students following steps

1. Break the sentence in small parts

2. Understand each part (when I say understand something I mean convert that into your own language. For example, when I want to understand anything difficult, I convert it into hindi to get its exact meaning)

3. Join meanings of different parts to get the complete meaning of the sentence.
Initially it will take time but after few days speed will automatically increase.
Once you understand the passage and question, then state your goal. Goal means simply stating what do we want from the answer. Normally goal is stated on the basis on question stem and the conclusion of the passage. A clear and precise goal is essential to get correct answer.

Read each answer choice and ask whether it answers your goal or not. Only one option can match our goal and that option will be the answer .
Most students eliminate three answer choices and get struck between two answer choices. Such confusion occurs because students do not have a clearly stated goal. To remove this confusion, read the goal again and then ask which option answers the goal.

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