How do I crack GMAT without coaching?

When we say cracking the GMAT, it is very generic statement. Though it is difficult to score high in GMAT without coaching but it can be done. Following points can give a direction that can help you to prepare for GMAT without coaching

  1. Have a target score in your mind. Be specific.
  2. Give one GMAT prep mock to understand GMAT. There are many factors that contribute to your score. Knowledge is only one of the factors.
  3. Take one section at a time. You can start with either Quant or verbal.
  4. If you are comfortable with basics, then start solving questions from official guide. If you lack in basics, buy study material of some good prep company.
  5. If you are able to understand the concepts yourself, continue with self-study else take help of some tutor. No point wasting time on preparing yourself. A tutor can easily reduce your learning time and improve your score.
  6. Remember, while practicing questions do not look at the explanations from any source. Try to solve every question yourself.
  7. Once you start getting 80–90% accuracy in official guide questions, give another mock test to see the improvement.
  8. Lastly, remember GMAT syllabus is not vast. GMAT tests students on limited concepts and patterns. So focus on learning those concepts and then mastering those concepts and patterns. I will recommend you to discipline yourself to study for 2 hours every day for next 2–3 months.

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