How to Crack GMAT Quant

Why students find it difficult to score 50-51 in quant section of GMAT? Is it lack of knowledge or of practice?

To master anything, always learn the basic rules and then discipline yourself to master those basics. It applies to GMAT as well. In GMAT quant section, the understanding of question is more important than the concept behind that question. Most questions in GMAT quant section are based on basic concepts of math studied in school.  The core focus is the language.

Follow these steps to score high in quant section

  1. Understand basic concepts of main topics tested in GMAT. Do not get in to depth of any topic.
  2. Always practice official questions because the language used in such question is most important.
  3. While solving any GMAT official question spend maximum time in understanding the question. Don’t start solving the question the moment you finished reading the question. Always think what is the best approach to solve that particular question. Mostly there are 2-3 ways to solve any quant question. Choosing the right approach early on can save a lot time and energy and increase your accuracy.
  4. The best way to understand any question is to break question in small parts and understand one part at a time.

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