How to Handle Anxiety While Giving GMAT

Rigorous preparation and absolute dedication for months! Surely, there is no space reserved for any mistake that takes away chance of scoring the best in GMAT exam. But there are certain things we don’t have control over and actually, they are human. One of them is anxiety while giving the exam. Getting stressed or getting that anxiety attack is very common and there are some obvious reasons for them. For example:

The GMAT! Pressure: GMAT is one of the hardest aptitude tests and there is a pressure of getting the right answers in very less time limit. That is why, the candidates get stressed.

High SCORE! Point: It is a misconception of many candidates that to get admission to any B-School, it is necessary to score 750+ in the test.

The EXPECTATIONS!: Most of the times, the college pass-outs appear for the exam and compete with their friends. They have the burden of scoring more than them. Sometimes, there is family pressure as well to score well for admissions.

It’s okay. An anxiety attack while sitting to give such a difficult test can happen, but letting it ruining your confidence is a big NO! NO! So, here we are with some tried-and-tested tips that can help you to deal with stress/anxiety while you appear for your GMAT exam.

a) One Question at a Time

There are so many questions to answer and that too with a very good time management. Therefore, in the struggle to manage the time, students concentrate more on the next question while dealing with the one already. It is advised to focus up on one question at a time.

b) Don’t Get Them all Right

GMAT is an aptitude test and has nothing to do with your knowledge level. Make sure that you attempt the questions first that you think you can solve. This will help in managing time as well.

c) It’s not About High Score

GMAT is one of the factors for getting admission into the B-school and is not the only one. Surely, a high score is important to stay ahead and choose the B-school of choice, but a score 720+ is also accounted to be okay.

d) Keep your Lips Wet

When in stress, the lips tend to get dry. Maintain water intake timely to keep the lips wet.

e) Maintain Blood Sugar Level

It is important to maintain the sugar level and thus keep a chocolate along with you, or a bottle of lemonade, or any energy drink to stay active. Also, close your eyes to relax during the break.

These are some simple tricks that can help to deal with anxiety when giving the GMAT exam. Stay confident, manage time, and you will surely get the best results when these few tips to handle anxiety will be followed.

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