How to start GMAT preparations?

Before thinking how to start GMAT preparation, think why you want to give GMAT. When why becomes clearer, how becomes easier. There are many reasons to give GMAT. Some common reasons to give GMAT are:

  1. Higher package: It is a common trend around the globe that MBA’s are paid better than non-MBA’s. So, doing MBA to get better package is one of the major reasons. GMAT is a route to MBA from top B-schools.
  2. Better profile: MBA is again a route to change profile as well as industry. MBA opens a wide spectrum of options to work in lucrative profiles in international organizations.
  3. Migration to another country: MBA is a route to get job in other countries. Migration to another country can lead to better facilities and better lifestyle.
  4. Improve skills or keep yourself employable: In business world, people are paid for skill not time. MBA helps to improve business skills that help to stay employable for long time.
  5. Learn entrepreneurship skills: Another important reason to do MBA is to learn how to run Business.

There could be some more reasons that encourage people to do MBA. So first think “what are your reasons to do MBA”.

Giving GMAT and getting high score on GMAT require disciplined study for a couple of months. To stay disciplined for months requires clarity of thought and clarity brings belief and motivation to study consistently for months.

Once reasons are clear for why GMAT, then start your search for B-school that suit your requirements best. Once you select the B-school, check what score in GMAT is required to apply to that Bschool. Focusing on a particular score in GMAT will determine your efforts to reach your target score.

After deciding the target GMAT score, you can start your GMAT preparation in different ways.

A. Self-study: If you think that you can enforce a discipline on yourself to study regularly, then buy some study material from GMAT prep company and start your preparations.

B. Classroom coaching: If you are good with your quant and verbal skills and want to revise them, then join GMAT prep online program or offline program in your nearby area.

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