Which Test to Take for Admission in B-School: GMAT or GRE

Nowadays, the GRE exam has started getting acceptance for MBA programs along with GMAT. Considering this, a number of aspirers are at sixes and sevens for the fact if they should choose GRE or GMAT for admission to the B-school.  Let’s have a look at some factors and figure out which is better: GRE or GMAT?

1.The Exam Format Says a Lot

Both GRE and GMAT are aptitude analyzing tests and are quite similar too. In both the exams, an individual has to give 3.5 to 4 hours wherein verbal, quantitative, and verbal skills are checked out through different types of questions.

With all those similarities, there are some differences in the tests. In short, GRE aims as testing the verbal and written analytical skills while GMAT targets to check the quantitative skills. For example: GRE requires two essays while GMAT requires only one. Also, the GMAT test also includes a set of 12 questions for integrated reasoning that has concentration of attention on data analysis (and this is not the format of GRE).

 2. Testing the Potential is Important

In the process to decide as which test can give you the best shot in getting admission to B-School, it is important to have a taste of the tests. For this, take a practice test for GMAT and GRE. It may seem a time consuming method, but will give you a picture of how much you can score in individual test. Also, these aptitude testing exams give the real pressure to the brain and such practices may prepare you to handle the same.

3. Acknowledge Value of Tests

Once a practice test for GMAT and GRE is done, evaluate the score with your overall profile. For example: your undergraduate results, internship, total work experience, resume etc. Click an overall picture of strengths and weaknesses for MBA application and then analyze as which test will help you to highlight your strengths and cover up your weakness.

Final Words:

If you have work experience in a field without quantitative constituent, or you have received your undergraduate degree in humanities or related field, then a good GMAT score can elevate the chances of admission to B-school. Also, if you have confidence to score high, going for GMAT is a better idea than GRE, considering more B-schools accepting GMAT, in India as well as in foreign countries.



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